About the nursery


The nursery was set up in 1980. At present its entire area is 7,5 hectare of which 3,5 hectare is container cultivation. We specialize in producing decorative conifers and leafed plants in flower pots of 2 to 15 liters capacity.

Our offer includes a wide selection of plants, which is constantly broadened by new species and varieties, thanks to, among others, many years of collaboration with local and foreign nurseries. We pay special attention to high quality of our product.

Our nursery has been associated in the Polish Union of Nursery Gardens since its very beginning i.e. since 1991. We also participate in exhibitions “Green is life” and “The Mazovian Green”.

We kindly invite you to visit our nursery, hoping that the wide selection of plants we offer and the high quality of our product will meet your expectations.

We are open:

Monday throughFriday from 7 AM till 5 PM

Saturdays from 7 AM till 2 PM

  • About the nursery 4
    Euonymus fortunei
    trzmielina Fortune'a
  • About the nursery 3
    Crategus crus -galli
    głóg ostrogowy
  • About the nursery 5
    Cornus sericea Kelseyi
    dereń rozłogowy
  • About the nursery 1
    Liquidambar styraciflua Slender Silouette
    - ambrowiec amerykański

ACROCONA Nursery of Decorative Trees and Shrubs - Joanna Widaj
1 Wilanowska Street, 05-509 Józefosław, Piaseczno, phone/fax: 22 750 75 45
Mobile 601 220 408, e-mail:,

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